Earth’s Cry and Heaven’s Smile


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. – Native American saying.


Wasserman describes this current body of work as an extension of a long period of experimentation and immersion in public art, performance art, and socially engaged art. The former has given her various conceptual and technical tools that have made their way into these paintings. For example, her assemblage of fabric and clothes unto her canvases is inspired by her laundry performance piece Hard Labor: Washing my soiled laundry in public, Socrates Sculpture Park, 2017. Deborah states that it’s important for her to have a ‘Feminist and feminine painterly language that reflects on her experience as a woman and a mother in today’s society’. Similarly, her on-going visual exploration of the feminine principle in nature, referred to as Mother Earth, grew out of another performance piece in 2016, when Deborah dressed as and embodied a persona she called Mother Earth/Queen of Trash.

Her paintings and drawings, expressive and masterful, swiftly move between figurative and abstract elements and are often layered in their basis, with abstract paint spills. ‘I like to create a dialogue on the picture plane’ says Deborah, ‘between various painterly styles, elements, perspectives and angles as if to claim that there isn’t one reality, one truth, but rather a visual dialogue between multiple perspectives, hybrid stories and points of views.’

Born in Brazil, raised in Israel and now residing in the US, Deborah refers to herself as a ‘nomad’ and a ‘cultural hybrid’. In this body of work, she merges two of her main points of interests: A fictional character /alter ego named wander, woman and our current earth/environmental crisis. Wander, a woman is a mythical, biblical and prophetic character inspired by Wasserman’s personal journeys and cultural background growing up in Israel. Wander, woman is a witness, a ‘voice’ that draws connections between our current environmental crisis to a misunderstanding of the feminine element in creation and our disregard to Mother Earth.