ART SPIEL interview with Deborah Wasserman

..." I live in Queens, New York, two blocks from Elmhurst Hospital, “the epicenter of the epicenter” of the pandemic. My neighborhood is the most diverse zip code in the United States, if not the world. Here, where 800 languages are spoken, and every street feels like a different culture, we live in close proximity to one another, with several families often sharing an apartment. Many residents have low paying jobs and have to work through the lockdown. Suddenly this lovely, bustling, colorful community–my home–is the perfect breeding ground for the virus, and it’s running amok."

ART SPIEL interview with Deborah Wasserman

.."From the spiral ramps that frame New York’s Guggenheim Museum, thousands of small, white sheets of paper—each containing what looked like a prescription for OxyContin—came down like snow. In the lobby several people lay on the floor.. and chanted, “Sacklers lie, people die.”The protesters had gathered earlier this year to call attention to the museum’s financial ties to the Sacklers, whose pharmaceutical company makes the powerful painkiller OxyContin."


The Pool, 2018, Defining The Role Of Artist Citizen

Defining The Role Of Citizen Artist

Queens Art Intervention discusses dwelling in exhibition by Jennifer Khedaroo

..."If you head to the Queens Museum by January 19, you will be able to see an exhibition brought together by local creatives and the Queens Art Intervention"...

Annual Queens Art Intervention takes borough by storm

..."Deborah Wasserman, Jackson Heights: “hos·pi·tal·i·ty” at Roosevelt Avenue
“In my project, I wanted to bring ‘Hospitality’ back to the table, so to speak, calling into question the way we, as individuals, as a community, as a country, welcome others. How do we treat ‘The Stranger,’ ‘The Other’ amongst us?”...

Mother Earth's Message

Performance artist Deborah Wasserman brings environmental issues to light

..."watching performance artist Deborah Wasserman in action, you'd swear she had multiple personalities

No More Sexual Exploitation says Jackson Heights Artist

"...A woman with a mask made of paper pieces, most depicting women’s body parts, was standing on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights last September. Wearing a short, tight, shiny dress and a blond, tangled wig, she handed out colorful cards with feminine figures, text and a telephone number..."

NY Arts article

Leah Oates interviewing artist Deborah Wasserman

..."I wanted to ‘Do it on my own’ so coming to the United States by myself to live and study was an additional challenging choice that resulted in years of financial struggle. Looking back, it’s apparent to me that I was moved by a strong urge to find out who I really was and pushed myself to the limit to obtain an answer... one can say that my personal journey was and is my art, even more so than any other object I produce at the studio..."


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