NYSCA/NYFA Finalist 2020!

​I'm excited to be a NYFA/NYSCA 2020 Finalist in the category of Printmaking/Drawing/Book Art!




I have been applying to NYFA for years, skipping some years, not expecting much in return, it's just something you do as a NYC artist. Honestly, this was quite a surprise snd also a long shot with close to 4000 applicants...I am so grateful , encouraged and also humbled by this. Now I'll be aiming for the grant!

Art Spiel magazine

Artists on Coping: Deborah Wasserman

I'm delighted to share my interview with Art Spiel, during quarantine in NYC, 2020

Group show, Jonathan Ferrrra Gallery


I'm so excited to participate in a show at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. Apparently only 16 artists were chosen from a group of 600 applicants. New Orleans is a stunning city and I was thrilled to attend the opening in person!

Su Casa residency 2019

Su Casa residency 2019

In 2019 I received a grant from the NYC Department Of Cultural Affairs to design and implement an art residency with seniors in Woodside, Queens. I absolutely enjoyed every aspect of my residency, especially introducing my students to abstract art inspired by the work of artists Hilma af Klint, and Beatriz Milhazes. 

Defining the role of Citizen Artist

CalArts Pool issue #4

n his 2017 inaugural address, incoming CalArts president Ravi S. Rajan called on CalArtians everywhere to cherish their role as “Citizen Artists” who, in the words of the Institute’s founding provost Herbert Blau, are in a unique position to help “put the whole cracked world back together.” Beginning with this issue, The Pool will bring you the stories of alumni who exemplify this vision of Citizen Artists— graduates who have found a unique way to, as Rajan put it,

“steer us toward a better future.”

wander, woman, performance and panel, closing event

שיח גלריה
אנו מתכבדות להזמין את הקהל לשיח גלריה לכבוד נעילת תערוכתה של דבורה וסרמן "אישה, נודדת
ברכות: ד"ר רותי מרקוס
Bindle מיצג מאת הרקדנית שלומית ירון -
יו"ר הפאנל: ד"ר טל דקל
פאנל: ד"ר זמירה פורן ציון, ד"ר סיגל ברקאי ודבורה וסרמן.

wander, woman

A solo exhibit by Deborah Wasserman, July 5-28, 2018


A mixed-media exhibition of drawing, collage & installation

Zaritsky Artists' House
9 Elkharizi St, Tel Aviv-Yaffo


Currents at A.I.R. Gallery


Curated by Barbara Zucker


Opening Reception: Friday, January 5th from 6-8PM



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