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Helaine Posner recommends Deborah Wasserman

"Deborah Wasserman’s intuitive, expressive paintings, drawings, and performances explore such subjects as the female body and subconscious, ecofeminism and environmental threat, and the heroine’s quest. Her identity as a woman, a mother, and a migrant is reflected in her multicultural, socially aware practice that values the natural world and our fellow human beings. Wasserman’s female Bather (2019), immersed in water and gazing skyward, suggests a longing to be one with nature as both sensory experience and spiritual journey. In a recent series of drawings titled Amazon Dreaming (2019) and Amazon Dreaming 4, (2020), the rain forest paradoxically appears as a barren landscape, ravaged by flames and littered with debris, the result of human exploitation and indifference. These depictions of natural disaster as an apocalyptic nightmare eerily resonate with our current crises."

Recommended by Helaine Posner, chief curator emerita, Newberger Museum Of Art Fall 2020

You are not wonderful just because you are a Mother

online exhibit and catalog, Artist/Mother podcast


Unwonderful Mother

...“Using various mediums, forms, and aesthetics, the artists in this exhibition are together with Ishiuchi Miyako in this ever unfinished conversation

(about motherhood). It is a conversation that goes beyond the charged argument of children vs. no children and reveals many unique relationships to and representations of the (sometimes unwonderful) “idea of the mother.”

Excerpt from the curatorial statement by Qiana Mestrich 

November 2020-February 2021

Contemporary Portraiture: Redefining The Figure,

Online exhibit and essay, Visionary Art Collective 

..."For this exhibition, I sought to include work that spanned media and approach while speaking to contemporary issues. From collaged pieces containing imagery from multiple people that remind us of fractured personalities in the time of social media to portraits of people in masks.  Embroidered portraits link the feminine and political while exploring inclusivity and race. Some work depicts quiet moments among families at home while other work imagines the internal view of futuristic cyborgs. Portraiture is having a resurgence as it intimately comments on representation during a time of upheaval and change. “


 Excerpt from the curatorial essay, Erika B. Hess, Curator & Host of the “I Like Your Work” Podcast, Nov-Dec 2020

Artists On Coping

interview with artist Deborah Wasserman, ART SPIEL



..." I live in Queens, New York, two blocks from Elmhurst Hospital, “the epicenter of the epicenter” of the pandemic. My neighborhood is the most diverse zip code in the United States, if not the world. Here, where 800 languages are spoken, and every street feels like a different culture, we live in close proximity to one another, with several families often sharing an apartment. Many residents have low paying jobs and have to work through the lockdown. Suddenly this lovely, bustling, colorful community–my home–is the perfect breeding ground for the virus, and it’s running amok."...


Excerpt from an interview with Catherine Kirkpatrick, May 2020

Plurabelle in Lilith Magazine

Plurabelle collage published in Lilith's Summer Issue, 2019



Addiction: Jewish Women Caught In The Crisis.."From the spiral ramps that frame New York’s Guggenheim Museum, thousands of small, white sheets of paper—each containing what looked like a prescription for OxyContin—came down like snow. In the lobby several people lay on the floor.. and chanted, “Sacklers lie, people die.”The protesters had gathered earlier this year to call attention to the museum’s financial ties to the Sacklers, whose pharmaceutical company makes the powerful painkiller OxyContin."

Lilith Magazine, Independent, Jewish, and Frankly Feminist 

Defining the role of Citizen Artist  

CalArts Pool issue #4




In his 2017 inaugural address, incoming CalArts president Ravi S. Rajan called on CalArtians everywhere to cherish their role as “Citizen Artists” who, in the words of the Institute’s founding provost Herbert Blau, are in a unique position to help “put the whole cracked world back together.” Beginning with this issue, The Pool will bring you the stories of alumni who exemplify this vision of Citizen Artists— graduates who have found a unique way to, as Rajan put it, “steer us toward a better future.”

Queens Art Intervention discusses dwelling in exhibition

by Jennifer Khedaroo



..."If you head to the Queens Museum by January 19, you will be able to see an exhibition brought together by local creatives and the Queens Art Intervention"...Intervention Hospitality by Deborah Wasserman: Two students sitting and having tea while connecting with the use of a humble background. (Photo: Richard West/RPGA Studio), Forest Hills Times, 2018


Annual Queens Art Intervention takes borough by storm

by Tammy Scileppi





Deborah Wasserman, Jackson Heights: “Hospitality” at Roosevelt Avenue

" Deborah: “In my project, I wanted to bring ‘Hospitality’ back to the table, so to speak, calling into question the way we, as individuals, as a community, as a country, welcome others. How do we treat ‘The Stranger,’ ‘The Other’ amongst us?”

...While pondering the idea of bringing people together, “so they can interact with one another in a manner that does not involve commerce or financial exchange, I thought about the ancient tradition of hospitality dating back to the beginning of time,” said the artist.

“Hospitality was practiced as a golden rule; as a shield to protect strangers and travelers from hunger, thirst and potential enemies; a way to practice humility, gratitude, and generosity; to straighten relationships in divided communities.”

She said another aspect of her project is the “exploration of class, migration, and nomads. Having spent years in great financial uncertainty, I often contemplate the fate of those less fortunate than me. In a time where natural disaster and warfare produced more migrants and homeless people than I’m able to recall, it’s important for me to contextualize ‘Hospitality’ within the framework of grief and difficulty, so it doesn’t read as an empty slogan, but is rather grounded in today’s reality.”, 2017




"...Watching performance artist Deborah Wasserman in action, you’d swear she had multiple personalities. Last Saturday at Corona Plaza, she channeled her inner nature goddess and became green Mother Earth/Queen of Trash, a long cape of garbage trailing behind her, as curious passers-by watched and wondered..."

Time Ledger, September 2016 

No More Sexual Exploitation says Jackson Heights Artist



.​"...A woman with a mask made of paper pieces, most depicting women’s body parts, was standing on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights last September. Wearing a short, tight, shiny dress and a blond, tangled wig, she handed out colorful cards with feminine figures, text and a telephone number..."

Voices Of NY 

Leah Oates interviewing artist Deborah Wasserman



​..."I wanted to ‘Do it on my own’ so coming to the United States by myself to live and study was an additional challenging choice that resulted in years of financial struggle. Looking back, it’s apparent to me that I was moved by a strong urge to find out who I really was and pushed myself to the limit to obtain an answer... one can say that my personal journey was and is my art, even more so than any other object I produce at the studio..."

Solo exhibit at Roger Smith Art



Far Away, So close, a solo exhinit by Deborah Wasserman. Roger Smith Arts 

Homeward Found at Haarrets Newspaper, Israel




Deborah Wasserman's solo show Homeward Found at Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, Haaretz newspaper

Translation: "Bineth Gallery in Tel Aviv: Homeward Found, an show created by artist Deborah Wasserman Explores the notion of travel and related issues. The exhibit features paintings of various sizes and multiple subjects: Collages of airplanes safety instructions, words, street signs and imaginary landscapes."

Life Integrates Art, Urban Land Magazine

by Amadie Hart 




My work Culture Mix, commissioned by Public Art For Public Schools, New York School Construction Authority is mention in an article about public art  in. NYC. I'm delighted that my 400sf, public art comission for $125,000 at P.S. 69 in Bayridge is mention alongside artists such as Takashi Murakami, who beautify NYC.  

My artwork published on the cover of Entre Linhas



I'm so pleased to have my painting, Trees Are Poems The Earth writes, on the cover of Entre Linhas Magazine, September 2003 

Culture Mix in the book Public Art For Public Schools

by Michele Cohen

..."If you head to the Queens Museum by January 19, you will be able to see an exhibition brought together by local creatives and the Queens Art Intervention"...  

Myself: A Survey of Contemporary Self-Portraiture

Full-color catalog and essays by Joy Garnett and Mira Schor.

Myself: A Survey of Contemporary Self-Portraiture

Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery at the University of Nevada, Reno

January 18 - February 18, 2011

Curated by Marjorie Vecchio

The exhibition and catalog is dedicated to the memory of amazing young artists Emma Bee Bernstein and Devin Hosselkus.

Exhibition catalogue essay: Myself: A Conversation about Self-Portraiture, Joy Garnett and Mira Schor.

Downtown Dialogues

Group show at Lower Manhattan Cultural Center 

I'm delighted to show my ten-parts painting (In)Sight in this group show at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Full- color foldout available!



Full-color catalog, written by curator and art critic Dominique Nahas



"Deborah Wasserman’s video, performative photography, and painting alludes to the quest of self-realization. Her work has both mystical and comic elements of path-making and path-finding. Transience and flux, suggests Wasserman, are the permanent markers in one's life journey. Easy Directions, the title of her work in this exhibition suggests the not-so-easy finding of one’s way in the world. The artist’s vision is sensitive to the conditions of liminality, the in-betweenness of spaces, both spiritual and material."

Dominique Nahas, Art Critic, Curator

at the Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, NJ


Israel In Fine Arts,

Sao Paulo, Brazil

In conjunction with my solo show, Distante Tao Perto at La Hebraica La Galleria, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000

Attached an article about my exhibit

" Deborah herself describes her creation as being eclectic... “I gather and absorb the external impressions, but most of my work is focused on putting away my internal world, which is composed of endless narratives, dead ends, excerpts of memories, fantasies and emotions”... my paintings have been influenced by the projection of the temporal film of my (our) life. As a matter of fact, Deborah’s drawings demonstrate a profound connection with the environment as being the mixture of Islamism and Judaism which coexists to the full in Jaffa, where her studio is currently located."

Profession Of Fate,

By Marcelo Rabinovitch, En Foco newspaper, Sao Paulo, Brazil

In conjunction with my solo show, Distante Tao Perto at La Hebraica La Galleria, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000

Attached an article about my exhibit

..."Silence and Loneliness – Deborah’s painting is a sensitive connection of themes of faith and spirituality. Even by becoming more conceptual and political, silence and loneliness have remained as the focus of her creativity. She also works with the experience of being a woman, who is Jewish, feminist and feminine at the end of the century. “In order to impose myself into a male world in the Arts, I used the strategy of internationalizing my career”, she says.

Deborah’s paintings capture the aesthetics and richness of the Middle East and its surroundings with perceptive detail. Plans for the future: Build her career on solid ground and teach art, “A painter who seeks a more beautiful reality and who eliminates the superficial, consumerist world”, she finalizes...."

Folha De Sao Paulo

An article about my exhibit Dostante Tao Perto at La Hebraica La Galleria, Marcella Bergamo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000


 An Exhibition Of Artwork And Poetry Build From/Around Words And Letters, Harvard University.


Errata and Contradiction, a group show, Harvard University