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Wander, Woman 2019

Shlomit Yaron and Deborah Wasserman performers
Photo credit Eldad Rafaeli 
Israel, 2019

"Wasserman uses the Bindle (bundle, quilt, made out of distressed and stained women and children's clothing) in numerous ways, as an “artifact,” an object to be hung, and as a “document and a prop” to be included in her performances. Not only an essential possession, but it can also be bundled, used as a carrier of possessions, as nomadic peoples have done since time immemorial. It is also a micro-shelter, an intimate primal tent to be wrapped in, like swaddling cloth. Wasserman compares her quilt to the “security” blanket of a child and as such, a psychological “transitional object” that represents the mother, signaling comfort, safety, and love."Lilly Wei, NYC curator, writer and critic

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