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No Longer Your Chica  2015

Commissioned by RPGA Studio

Photo credits Carol Lacks and Francena Ottley

Roosevelt Avenue, Queens, New York

No Longer Your Chica is an intervention and interactive experience intended to raise awareness of the distribution of chica cards* on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. 


Dressed in an elaborate "chica"  costume which challenges stereotypical female sexuality, Deborah distributed her own version of the card, with a functioning phone number to call, to passersby. 


* Notorious for their lurid, sexual imagery, "chica cards" are postcard-sized printed advertisements designed to mimic collectible trading cards) whose distribution, though illegal, persists. The cards provide a number that potential customers can call to order a desirable 'chica’ (the Spanish word for a girl or young female) for delivery to their home. 

For additional information about this project please visit the No Longer Your Chica website.


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