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Hospitality 2018

Commissioned by RPGA Studio

Photo credits David Ashford and Francena Ottley

Queens, New York

In her performance, Hospitality, artist Deborah Wasserman invites guests into her Dwelling and offers them tea and hospitality.


While her Dwelling is purposely humble, transitory looking and makeshift, she nevertheless seeks to create an expansive, communal experience instigated by the sheer act of sharing one’s space with others. 


Wasserman’s performance also aims to shift the traditional, subservient, and often limiting feminine role of servitude into a powerful position where a woman hosts, instigates, and is completely in charge of her physical body and space… 


Performed in Queens, the most diverse zip code in the USA, Hospitality examines our deep-rooted fears and attitudes in welcoming others,  strangers, and foreigners…

Catalog by Deborah Wasserman
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