No Longer Your Chica, 2015

Queens Art Intervention

Photo credit: Francena Ottley and Carol Lacks



No Longer Your Chica is an intervention and interactive experience intended to raise awareness of the distribution of chica cards* on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. 


Dressed in an elaborate "chica"  costume which challenges stereotypical female sexuality, Deborah distributed her own version of the card, with a functioning phone number to call, to passersby. 


* Notorious for their lurid, sexual imagery, "chica cards" are postcard-sized printed advertisements designed to mimic collectible trading cards) whose distribution, though illegal, persists. The cards provide a number that potential customers can call to order a desirable 'chica’ (the Spanish word for a girl or young female) for delivery to their home. 

For additional information about this project please visit the No Longer Your Chica site (the above button).


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