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Aunt Karen's Farm, upstate residency

As a NYFA Finalist, I was nominated to Aunt Karen's Farm residency upstate in Ostego County. I arrived to my residency on Monday and it was raining for the last two days. It was a culture shock, coming from the highly populated Jackson heights to this vast, rural and open area, but I’m in awe of the beauty, serenity and (noisy) quietude of this place. Have you ever tried to listen to the patterns of bird’s chirping? discern between them and hear all the rhythms in between?...nature is quite humbling...makes you remember how small you are in comparison to this huge and mysterious world..I finally put a studio together, stretched, hung and opened rolled canvases and panels and I’m finally ready to roll, not before a morning hike though..I want to go out, to feel, observe, listen, touch and learn. I am here to explore the landscape and terrain of this bountiful and very green landscape!

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